"Feed and grow
Do not cease to gorge
Observe no limit to indulgence
Know that all will submit to be devoured
Never grudge the satiation of the great God Akaan
Remember He glories in His disfigurement, His birth curse
Honour His primal pledge to consume every beautiful thing in creation
Cover not your mouth, for it dishonours the Lamprey; praise Him with your feast."

— From the Eightfold Testament [1]

Akaan is one of the seven Dark Gods, the God of Gluttony. He is also known as The Devourer.

Worship[edit | edit source]

Gluttons are said to find their way to worship Akaan [2]. His promise to them is that they will forever be able to indulge in what they please, and that one day they will consume the very world [3].

There are claims of entire villages being turned to Akaan through the temptation of large feasts. One such claim is about a village in Equitaine that was visited by a nobleman from Guênac and threw a large feast. Supposedly on the second day of feasting, the townsfolk at all their cattle, then horses, rats and dogs, every living animal was slaughtered. Come evening, the streets were strewn with corpses of the villagers, described as rotten as if having laid there for weeks. Worse yet were the few survivors who were consuming the dead. [4]

A Warrior of Akaan.

Warriors[edit | edit source]

The Warriors of the Dark Gods sworn to Akaan are said to wear armour in brown and green colours, with helmets that leave their lower jaw exposed [2]. There are also claims of the followers of Akaan experiencing changes in appearance, their bodies swelling and bulging out beneath their armour, and their skin getting covered in sores, pustules and boils. [3]

The Ghouls is a warband of Warriors of the Dark Gods dedicated to Akaan. [2]

Daemons[edit | edit source]

A banner of the Warriors of Akkan.

It has been said that what sets apart the daemons of Akaan from all other supernals is their ability to consume objects from the Mortal Realm. Supposedly they hunger for any scraps of the material world, not the least meat and other food stuff. [5]

In general, the minions of Akaan have been described as an unpleasant lot [6]. Best known of the daemons of Akkan is the Maw of Akkan and the Bloat Flies.

Circle of Hell[edit | edit source]

Main article: Hell

The sky of Akaan's domain in the Immortal Realm, his Circle of Hell, has been said to be filled with brown and putrid clouds. Sometimes black rain falls down, scouring the barren terrain below. [5]

The only landmark in the Circle of Akaan that has been described is a large valley. Sharp rocks line its edges, giving it the appearance of a large maw. In the darkness of the valley, hungry being are said to live. Supposedly they consume the flesh of their of family members are tears stream down their face. Presumably these are souls being punished by Akaan for their gluttonous ways, in similar ways to punishments seen in Circles of the other Dark Gods.[5]

Sources[edit | edit source]

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