Shatter the Veil Shatter the Veil 26 August 2020

Ancient Oaths

Greetings dear readers!

As of late, there has been a focus on all things dwarven on The 9th Wiki. The latest scroll brought us some neat new info, which has resulted in a fair amount of activity on the site. Most importantly is perhaps the update to the Dwarven Holds page, now up to snuff with the rest of the wiki, but there are also new articles for things like the First Moot, the ancient Dwarven Empire, and even the Seekers got a page. It also lead to some minor updates to the Dwarves andInfernal Dwarves aricles, perfect if you want to get prepared for the upcoming release of the next Legendary Armyook.

The dwarves are not the only faction to receive attention however. The Saurian Ancients have also received a fair share, with an updated m…

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Shatter the Veil Shatter the Veil 16 February 2020

Status Update: The Seven Flowers of Chaos

Hello dear readers!

The daemonic wordsmiths have been working hard lately on the wiki, writing all kinds of articles for the Daemon Legions and the Dark Gods. Each of the Seven Flowers of Chaos has gotten their article updated now with information about their daemons and their Circle of Hell, as well as an introduction poem and some neat pictures. The material about Hell has also been summized into its own aritcle, and an article about the man who probably knows the most about Hell, Nazario Calegari, has also been added. This means that the material of T9A: Circling the Abyss has pretty much been exhausted.

But that is not all! The tome that is T9A:FB Daemon Legions has also gotten a fair shake. An extensive article about Daemons, as a speci…

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Shatter the Veil Shatter the Veil 29 December 2019

Status update: Christmas Elves

Happy holidays dear readers!

Here on the 9th Wiki this has been a time of elves, although perhaps not quite the kind you'd find in Santa's workshop. Instead the focus has been the major elven cultures of the world, the Trewi , the Arandai and the Daeb. All three have gotten their articles updated and expanded with massive amounts of information. Lots of smaller articles about elves have also been written, such as elven units and locations. Please do have a look around and explore everything from the natural architecture of the Trewi, to the academy trained military of the Daeb, to the drug focused economy of the Arandai.

Until next time, and have a happy new year!

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Shatter the Veil Shatter the Veil 9 December 2019

Status update: History Rewritten


Over the last couple of months I've been working on updating the articles about the world ages, from the First Age to the Eighth Age. I didn't find anything to add to the Ninth. All the other ages of been restructured and improved, with quite a lot of events added. Overall they should provide a much more comprehensive guide to the history of the world.

Since last time I've also worked a bit more on the Daemon Legions, but truthfully that was quite long ago. Never the less, Cibaresh, Kuulima and Sugulag have now all gotten their time in the limelight. Updated articles and new articles for their units. Now all that remains is Vanadra and Nukuja (and the many unaligned units plus lots of other stuff). Be sure to not miss the articles about D…

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Shatter the Veil Shatter the Veil 26 August 2019

Status update: Gluttons and the Origins of Species


After a rather slow summer, work has picked up around the wiki again.

Since last time, the article aboutThe 9th Scroll has been finished. I find it to be quite handy when looking for information or when trying to figure out in which issue you read something. The work on the Daemon Legions has also continued, this time the focus has been Akaan and his minions. We got new articles (with art!) for both his Maw and his Bloat Flies. Personally I really love the art for the Maw so I'm quite happy with that article. Next up on the Dark Gods focus is Cibaresh.

The work on the 9th Scroll article also got me interested in the fluff of theOrcs and Goblins. This lead to updates on their combined page but also on their individual articles about the spe…

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Shatter the Veil Shatter the Veil 15 June 2019

Status update: Daemon Legions and The 9th Scroll


Figured it'd be a good idea to write a little about what I'm doing on the wiki atm.

Recently I've started working on putting the stuff from T9A:FB Daemon Legions into the wiki. I skipped the first few pages for now and went straight to expanding the article about Savar and adding his units as new articles. The plan is to do this for all the gods and the un-aligned units, then tackle the major themes such as the Daemon Legions, Daemons and Supernal articles.

I've also created an article for The 9th Scroll, which will summeraize all the fluff sources found there. About halfway through so far, and I already find it really useful when trying to track down a source. I've also found some nice nuggets of information while going through the scroll…

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Shatter the Veil Shatter the Veil 17 August 2018

Welcome to The 9th Wiki

Yes, welcome one an all!

This is long overdue but I'm starting a blog here to share what is going on around this wiki. I'm hoping to do this quite regularly, but we'll see how it goes. For content I'm aiming to cover what I am myself currently working on. I also want to give tips to what others could pick up and work on. There is still many articles missing and a lot of material left untouched, so I welcome each and everyone to take a stab a writing if they feel up to it. Hopefully this list can help guide people to what to do.

So here it goes.

On my work schedule:

  • Paths of Magic. I've been working my way through createing pages for all 10 Paths of Magic. A bit tedious but its getting done.
  • Sunna. A long awaited article about this legendary cha…
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