"Born of pure desire
The Father for the Mother
Lust tears at Her Veil.
Cibaresh seeks to
Recreate that primal spark,
Lord of all lightning.
His pleasures many
His fulfilment unmatched - and
Transgression sublime."

— From the Eightfold Testament [1]

Cibaresh is one of the seven Dark Gods. He is also known as the God of Lust and as The Tempter.

Description[edit | edit source]

It is said that Cibaresh offers temptations to mortals in an attempt to subvert their morals. [2]

Worship[edit | edit source]

Some say that Cibaresh often finds his followers among those with the strictest of upbringings, and among deviants and debauched. [2]

Stories are told of secret hideout dedicated to Cibaresh. One such supposedly lies in the Barren Mountains. Supposedly, people of all races and species frolic there, together with daemons from the Immortal Realm. To be allowed in, one must pass a test of illusions where you must prove that you enjoy pleasure without shame. One such example is of a nun given the opportunity to enjoy sex while an illusion of her Mother Superior watched in horror. To be allowed to remain in the hideout, you must travel in the outside world a few months every year and spread the word of Cibaresh. [3]

The Order of the Equilateral is a summoning cult based in Civissina, Arcalea, dedicated to Cibaresh [4]. In 962 A.S. they assisted in a rebellion against the Doge Girolamo [4]. They ruled the city when it came under siege by the neighbouring city Zalos [5], but it wasn't long before the population came to suffer greatly as the summoning rituals required more and more sacrifices [6]. The city, and presumably the order, was purged the same year by the armies of Santa Regina and Myra [7].

A Warrior of Cibaresh.

Warriors[edit | edit source]

The Warriors of the Dark Gods dedicated to Cibaresh are said to wear armour decorated with snarling faces and erotic scenes. They are also said to often wear face masks [8]. [2]

It is also said that the warriors of Cibaresh often partake in sexual orgies among themselves and with captives. It is also suggested that these sexual acts can include violence as well, such as skinning of flesh. [9]

The Liberating Gifts is a known warband of Warriors of the Dark Gods dedicated to Cibaresh. [2]

A banner of the Warriors of Cibaresh.

Daemons[edit | edit source]

Best known of the daemons of Cibaresh is the Courtesan of Cibaresh and the Sirens.

Circle of Hell[edit | edit source]

Main article: Hell

The landscape of Cibaresh's domain in the Immortal Realm, his Circle of Hell, is said to be tinted in hues of purple and red. A black wind swirls around the land, carrying groans of ecstasy and agony. The air in many places has also been described as intoxicating, turning mortals that breath it light-headed and disoriented. Scattered around are said to be endless tableaus of debauchery. Showing scenes with sex, pain and pleasure on display. [10]

One landmark that is said to exist is a large block of ice. Within, nude forms are frozen in erotic poses, forever held mere inches from touching each other however. Supposedly, these are souls being tortured by the Tempter. It is said that those sent to this domain who lacked commitment to seize the temptations set in their path. [10]

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