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"No one can truly command the loyalty and obedience of a hundred thousand howling creatures from the nether realms, but I can... inspire them. And I will accomplish magnificent things."

— A Greater Daemon of Greed (name cannot be rendered in human language) [1]

The Daemon Legions are a playable faction in the game The 9th Age: Fantasy Battle. They are the armies of the seven Dark Gods and Father Chaos, daemons from the Immortal Realm who come to earth either naturally or by summoning.


The daemon legions have made their presence known in the Mortal Realm for a very long time. Dwarven records dating back millennia describe encounters with them. [2]

In the Second Age, a huge golden statue erected by the Eastern Dwarves is said to have been possessed by a daemon of Sugulag known simply as The Gilded Giant. The daemon brought a legion with it, who raided the dwarves of their gold. [3]

The ancient Avrasi Empire is said to have encountered daemon of Nukuja in 1000 B.S. (probably in the Fourth Age). One such encounter was with Cacophrax, who decimated part of the empire[3]. [4]

The creation of the Inferno, at the end of the Seventh Age, let loose many daemons upon the Augea and Vetia. One force was lead by Foloy, who attacked the ogres.[3] He drove them them back to the Sky Mountains before being defeated by Tsanas.[5]

The War of Spite was fought in Vetia in 355 to 378 A.S. against invading daemon legions. The daemons were lead by Scarok, a daemon of Kuulima. [3]


Daemon head.png

The daemon legions reside in the Immortal Realm, many daemons found in the region known as Hell[6]. They are not normally found in the Mortal Realm and cannot remain there unless sustained by magic. [7]

In places where the Veil is thin, the Daemon Legions are said to be able to push through at will.[8] Supposedly, daemons can be found in some places in the mortal realm however, such as the Wasteland[9] and the Shattered Sea.[2] Presumably because the Veil is permanently thinned in these regions[10].

Daemons can also be summoned to the mortal realm, through certain rituals and the sacrifice of sentient creatures. To summon a legion, mass sacrifice is said to be necessary. [8]


Father Chaos is said to be the absolute ruler of the Daemon Legions. Many daemons are believed to serve him directly.[11] Others serve one of the seven Dark Gods, who in turn serve the father. This relationship has been likened with water. Each individual daemon is a stream, flowing into that of a more powerful daemon, which in turn flows into one of seven rivers, finally ending in the ocean of the father. [8]

The hierarchical society of the daemons appear to be a inherit part of their nature. More powerful daemons can supposedly compel lesser daemons to do their bidding by sheer force of will. [12]


The armies of the Daemon Legions seem to often by lead by a single greater daemon. Sometimes the daemons in such an army take up traits from this leader. [3]

Even a small battalion of daemons lead by a greater daemon is said to be extremely deadly. [8]


The units that make up the armies of the Daemon Legions are the following, sorted by gods:

Father Chaos
Harbinger Character
Clawed Fiends Special
Eidolons Special
Furies Aves
Hellhounds Special
Imps Core
Lemures Core
Myrmidons Core
Succubi Core
Threshing Engine Special
Titanslayer Chariot Special
Veil Serpents Aves
Maw Character
Bloat Flies Aves
Courtesan Character
Sirens Special
Deceiver Character
Mageblight Gremlins Special
Sentinel Character
Hope Harvester Special
Omen Character
Blazing Glories Special
Miser Character
Hoarders Special
Scourge Character
Brazen Beasts Special


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