Doctor Dalau was an Arandai physician stationed in Acsagrec, Sagarika, and a worshipper of Kuulima.

Description[edit | edit source]

Dalau has himself claimed to be ugly. Saying that his colleagues and companions were always fairer.[1]

Career[edit | edit source]

Dalau was assigned a position to monitor the health of humans and elves in Acsagrec, Sagarika. According to himself, he was sent there by a jealous superior who thought Dalau would threaten his own career.

During his time in Sagarika, possibly as a stay over a century in length, Dalau engaged in study of disease. Supposedly, the humans in the region are among the most blighted by sickness in the whole world, and blame the Dark Gods for their predicament. Dalau spent a lot of time investigating this supposed connection but could find little evidence of it. He instead held the overpopulation, poor hygiene and lack of medical supplies as the culprits. With one exception though, leprosy.

Dalau believes himself to be the first elf to ever enter a leper colony, despite elves being immune to the disease. There he found that the afflicted humans openly worshipped Kuulima, Dark God of Envy. They could do so safe from prosecution simply because no one would risk entry. Dalau also claims he saw daemons dwelling among the lepers.

Dalau claim to have worked together with these daemons to devise a way for leprosy to be spread to himself. Among other things, this supposedly made him immune to pain. The real purpose was however to infect his elven kin in Acsagrec. Envious of their beauty, Dalau saw this as a way to make all equal. During the incubation period of many years, he claims to have mingled with the elves, infecting many. Upon showing symptoms he was arrested and placed in quarantine. During his interrogation at Her Majesty's Court in Acsagrec, he revealed his ambition with glee despite facing execution. [1]

Sources[edit | edit source]

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