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"Seven deadly gods,
seven ways to prod,
seven holy paths to hell
and your trip begins.
Seven downward slopes
seven bloodies hopes
seven are your burning fires,
seven your desires..."

— The Child of the Sun, by Eiserne Jungfrau, Sunnan prelate and poet [1]

The Dark Gods, also known as The Seven Flowers of Chaos[2] or simply the Seven[3], are a collection of seven deities who serve under Father Chaos. They are said to have "formed themselves around the great Sins of the mortals" [3].

The Dark Gods command many daemons as part of the Daemon Legions. They are also patrons of the Warriors of the Dark Gods and are commonly worshipped around the world.


The Dark Gods are believed to have been in conflict with the Saurian Ancients as early as the First Age, perhaps even before that. [4]

One of the oldest records of Dark God worship is from ancient Naptesh, placing it somewhere in the Second or Third Age. In this record, warriors of Kupash, believed to be an older name for Vanadra, are said to attack the Naptaan people. [5]


The Dark Gods have worshippers all around the world, and among many different species. It has been said that the Dark Gods are popular among those who indulge in their specific vice[6], and among people living on the fringes of civilisation. [7]

The Dark Gods are the patron gods, together with Father Chaos, of the Warriors of the Dark Gods. There are also cults dedicated to the Dark Gods in many cities [8]. Many so called barbarian cultures around the world worship the Dark Gods [9] [10].


The Dark Gods are said to be worshipped in cults in most many cities of the world [8]. Among other things, these cults are believed to be recruitment points for the Warriors of the Dark Gods. The cultists offer devotees with a more martial disposition [8] to meet a daemon to form the Pact. [11]

Warriors of the Dark Gods[]

Main article: Warriors of the Dark Gods

People who lack a place in their own society can sometimes find themselves drawn to the Dark Gods. People with unfilled ambitions, who clash against the morality of their culture or who are unable to find justice for wrongs done to them. [12]

By selling their soul to one of the Dark Gods, these people become Warriors, and started down the Paths of Ascension. This gives them increased strength and lifespan, as well as a chance of immortality if they please their god. To do this they do deeds of glory, such as slaying ferocious beasts and raiding civilised lands. [13]


Main article: Barbarians

The term barbarian is often used by so called "civilised" nations to people and cultures who worship the Dark Gods.[10] Cultures where this is done openly can be found all over the world. From the Hakim in the deserts of Taphria[10], to Åsklanders[14] and Makhar[9] in Vetia, to the Ucayali in Virentia[15] and tribes in the Shattered Sea[16].

Internal struggles[]

The Dark Gods are known to wage wars among themselves in the Immortal Realm.[7]


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