Eidolons are a unit part of the Daemon Legions faction and a daemon of Father Chaos.

Description[edit | edit source]

Eidolons have been described of mercurial shape, constantly shifting and changing.[1] They can effortlessly float over the ground, their liquid bodies sprouting libs seemingly at random. Eidolons are also said to be one of the least understood daemons. [2]

Some say that eidolons remain true to the form they have in the Immortal Realm even when manifested on earth. Other daemons adopt they shapes to their environment, but eidolons remain unchanged. [1]

Eidolons are commonly seen in groups.[2] When they do so, they sometimes focus their energy to the most powerful individual in the group, allowing it to cast deadly spells. [1]

Dark Fire[edit | edit source]

Eidolons are said to use something called Dark Fire in battle. It has been observed as grey flames sprouting from their orifices.[2] Supposedly, this dark fire tests the willpower of its victims burning the unworthy in agony. [1]

Sources[edit | edit source]

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