The Eighth Age is one of the nine ages of the world. It is known as the Age of Waste [1]. It is one of the Ages of Ruin [2], most likely the the sixth. The creation of the Inferno by the Infernal Dwarves marks the end of the Seventh Age and the beginning of the Eighth. Sunna's conquest of Avras marks the of the Eighth and the beginning of the Ninth Age.

Events Edit


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These are notable events taking place in the Eighth Age, listed (approximately) chronologically:
  • The Inferno is created by the Infernal Dwarves. [1]
  • The Wasteland is created as a result of the Inferno being created. [2]
  • Sunna appears before Warin and the Askar at the battle of the Gewache, and slays Bragh, the Black Bull. [3]
  • Sunna unities most tribes of men and battles a combined force of Warriors of the Dark Gods and ogres at the river Volsk. [4]
  • Sunna slays an emissary of the vermin empire, who offered peace in return for obedience, then lead her armies to Avras. On the journey she defeated three armies of the Vermin Swarm, and at Avras she slays the Rat King, though suffered mortal wounds in the process. Sunna dies shortly after, though Avras is conquered by mankind. [5]

The World Hymn Edit

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The World Hymn is a dwarven carving of a poem that details all the nine ages of the world. It was later copied to an Equitan tapestry and supplemented with imagery. A transcript of the poem and the image for the eighth age are both shown below. [1]
BRB 8th Age
8.1 Edit

The Age of Waste the time of Fire
Our kin have fail’d and woe have wrought
For devils cannot loyal be
And all is lost in burning death
With daemons free the world a pyre

8.2 Edit

A cataclysmic wake they left
And burn the land and open gates
To realms unholy, realms debased
And men such fools do worship Hell
And left us all of peace bereft

8.3 Edit

But one good thing did come from fire
That men at last did come combined
Together stood o’er vermin slain
Held back the dark and worshipp’d day
Thus did It end this time of ire

8.4 Edit

The girl of sun and steel arose
She slew the King​ of rats and filth
So like a dwarf she stood so proud
Remembering the oaths long lost
Renewing friends and true allies

8.5 Edit

The swords of men ascendant now
And much a mess and much a ruin
And they will rule with troubled brow

Sources Edit

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