The 9th Wiki

There are sixteen playable factions in the miniature wargame The 9th Age. This game takes place in a fictive game-world, so far without its own name. The playable factions are not directly part of the world - they are game terms. Different factions correspond to different kinds of concepts - races, nations, states - in the world.

To further complicate matters is the elusive nature of terms such as nation, people, culture, country and state. Is the feudal kingdom of Equitaine a single, political entity, i.e. a state? Is there a majority culture, a shared language, i.e. is it a nation? Is everyone of the Equitan nation, and none else, living under the king, i.e. is it a nation-state? To these questions, complicated enough in the real world, are added the fantasy elements of the game. The Sylvan Elves faction, used mainly to represent the nation/country Wyscan, contains not only elves but intelligent eagles and talking trees. Can a nation be cross-species?

Perhaps these questions seem petty and uninteresting, but their answers play a role in the design of this wiki's pages. Currently, the wiki lumps faction and corresponding game concept together into one page when there's a large overlap between them.

The wiki has also settled on using the word 'nation' in a rather broad sense, many 'nations' on this might be more precisely described as states or countries.