"Humanity is doomed by those who do nothing! Sunna calls on each one of us to play our part, and those who stand idly by sin in Her eyes as unforgivably as the worst of heretics. So believe me when I say to you truly, in the name of our saviour: if you are not with us, you are against us!"

Dieter von Specht, famous flagellant [1]

Flagellants are a unit part of the Empire of Sonnstahl faction.

The men and women called flagellants are said to be hard eyes and without fear or doubt. Supposedly they possess an unwavering loyalty to their cause, never turning from their cause even in the face of death. In battle, flagellants are said to be an imposing sight, and though they may die, they do so at at heavy price for their foes. [2]

It has been reported that flagellants sometimes form a retinue for the Prelates of Sonnstahl. [2]

Sources[edit | edit source]

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