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The Ninth Age is the current age in the history of the world. Sunna's conquering of Avras from the Vermin Swarm marks the end of the eighth age and the beginning of the ninth. Years in the 9th Age are denoted with A.S., meaning 'Anna Solis'. The current year is 962 A.S.



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These are notable events taking place in the Ninth Age, listed (approximately) chronologically:

World Hymn[]

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The World Hymn is a dwarven carving of a poem that details all the nine ages of the world. It was later copied to an Equitan tapestry and supplemented with imagery. A transcript of the poem and the image for the ninth age are both shown below. [1]

BRB 9th Age.png

Our past did end in fire and rage
Out from the ash and bitter smoke
We look to hope and keep it close
As all did see our near to end
Yet live to see this, our Ninth Age


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