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"She watches.
Eternally, Her black eyes know eternity.
Ancient, timeless, Nukuja stalks the eons, witness to the first awakening and to the final doom
Her knowledge slumbers like an endless ocean
Our goddess comprises everything, from the locust to the owl
Her mighty slumber shakes the worldstone, Her vigil ignites the stars
She inspires the faithful to wait, seek the true sincerity of patience, and attend Her while...
She watches."

— From the Eightfold Testament [1]

Nukuja is one of the seven Dark Gods, the Goddess of Sloth. She is also known as the Sleeper.


Nukuja's followers believe she will observe the end of all things and knows the death of all mortal life [2].

It been speculated that the other Dark Gods secretly admire Nukuja. She sits back and watches as the others fret. [3]


The followers of Nukuja are said to often have pitch black eyes and hair faded to white, as well as extraordinary abilities of foresight [4].[5] A custom observed among some of the followers of Nukuja is to cut out the eyes of their victims, arrange the eyes in a pyramid and then pray next to this construction.[5]

Followers of Nukuja have also been observed as being uncannily still in their motions, often remaining in the same position for hours or even days.[5][4]

Some say that the cultists of Nukuja are the happiest of the cultists of the Dark Gods. They know what they what, which is nothing. They possess the power of not caring. [3]

A Warrior of Nukuja.


The Warriors of the Dark Gods dedicated Nukuja are said to wear rusted armour and carry white cloaks. [2] [4]


It is said that summoning a daemon of sloth is a relatively safe business. You have a chance to grain incredible knowledge, and only risk being sapped of your will to use that knowledge. [3]

Best known of the daemons of Nukuja is her Sentinel and her Hope Harvester.


The most commonly used icon of Nukuja is an arrangement of three consecutively smaller triangles placed within each other.

A banner of the Warriors of Nukuja, bearing the icon of the locust.

Another icon of Nukuja is that of the locust. [2]

Circle of Hell[]

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Nukuja's domain in the Immortal Realm, her Circle of Hell, has been described as a place where time is slowed and stretched. The air itself feels congealed, and visitors are overcome with lethargy. [6]

Trees of a myriad of shapes are said to dot the landscape of the Circle of Nukuja. They are stunted and gnarled, with their knots and hollows supposedly giving the impression of faces in anguish. At least some of the trees are said to speak, and speak of prophecies and lives they lived in the Mortal Realm. Perhaps the trees are souls of mortals being punished.[6]


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