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The Paths of Magic is a concept of how magic use can be categorised. The idea is that even though magician around the world have different traditions and cultures regarding magic, and even though the magic they use can often manifest in widely different ways, there still exists a basic categorisation of magic. In this system, the Paths of Magic, there are ten different paths. These are in turn grouped into one of four greater categories, with one or three paths in each. [1]

Souls and Spirits[]

The paths of Souls and Spirits use magic to influence the souls of mortal beings, both as separate entities and still part of the mortal. This category encompasses three paths: Evocation, Shamanism and Witchcraft. [1]

Matter and Energy[]

The paths of Matter and Energy are focused on the ability to shape, harness and draw upon the energies and substances of the Mortal Realm. This category encompasses three paths: Alchemy, Druidism and Pyromancy. [1]

Power and Knowledge[]

The paths of Power and Knowledge seek strength from beyond Veil, from the Immortal Realm. This category encompasses three paths: Divination, Occultism and Thaumaturgy. [1]

Universal Truth[]

The Universal Truth category encompasses only a single path, Cosmology. It has been said that those who practise it claim to understand the principles of magic, the Veil and both realms. It is also said to focus on keeping balance in the world [2]. [1]


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