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"We march to the beat of the one truest drum
Our god knows the worth of your body and soul
Sugulag takes and he never gives up
We come to collect and to levy his toll
Collector first sought mortal souls for himself
Feared by the gods of the great Realm above
His form can be found on your coins gold and bronze
His first greatest joy and his one truest love."

— From the Eightfold Testament [1]

Sugulag is one of the seven Dark Gods, the God of Greed. He is also known as the Collector.


It is said that misers and thieves often are tempted by Sugulag. His followers are said to collect all manner of items. [2]

Near Pavitrastha, Sagarika, there exists a temple dedicated to Sugulag, known as the Ur-Temple. In it there is a fresco depicting the journey a Warrior sworn to Sugulag can take on the Paths of Ascension. Hidden behind it is the Litany of the Exalted stored, originally the diary of Duryodhana, which describes the Paths of Ascension. [3]


There are Warriors of the Dark Gods sworn to Sugulag by the means of the Pact [3]. There are reports of warriors dedicated to Sugulag wear armour made of coins and helmets with snarling faces of gold [2][4].

A Warrior of Sugulag, sporting coins as part of its armour.

The Forgefathers is a warband of Warriors of the Dark Gods dedicated to Sugulag.[2]


The daemons of Sugulag are said to grant wealth to those who summon them. Though perhaps so much that the summoner risks literally drowning in gold. [5]

Best known of the daemons of Sugulag is the Miser of Sugulag and the Hoarders.

The Gated Coin[]

A banner of the Warriors of Sugulag.

There is a tale of a coin beaning the symbol of Sugulag, a gate, on one of its sides. Supposedly, those who come across this coin are overcome with greed and a fear of loosing their possessions. At first, this can lead the individual to great success, become rich and wealthy. However, eventually luck turns against them and they loose their wealth. Once they spend their last coin, the coin with the gate, are they freed from the curse, only to pass it on onto someone else.[6]

Circle of Hell[]

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Sugulag's domain in the Immortal Realm, his Circle of Hell, is said to be littered with coins and currency of all nations. Supposedly it forms a carpet over the ground. The faces of the coins, of monarchs long dead and possibly even of those not born yet, are said to grin and scream. Some believe there are souls trapped inside, bound there by the Collector.[7]

In the circle there are also souls being forced to push and haul great weights, but seemingly without value or destination. Those punished here are said to be those who have sworn themselves to Sugulag but then disappointed him. [7]

To exit the Circle of Sugulag, it has been suggested one must leave behind a worldly possession. [7]


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