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The Mortal Realm, sometimes refereed to as Earth[1], is the physical world in which the wast majority of the setting takes place. It is the home of all mortal creatures, such as humans, elves, dwarves, ogres etc. The Mortal Realm is separated from the Immortal Realm by the Veil [2] [3]. [4]


The origins of the physical world, the Mortal Realm, is touched upon in the story of the Timeless Titans. Form the Void, Mother Cosmos and Father Chaos were created. Mother Cosmos in turn created the Mortal Realm around her, while the Father created the Immortal Realm. [5]


The Mortal Realm was created to obey rules and systems. A place were mortal beings may live. [5]

The explored physical world consists of five continents: [6]


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