Thomas is, or was, a bard and adventurer. His own eye-witness accounts, his translation of elven poetry and records of others encounters with the fey are an important source of information on Wyscan and its inhabitants.[1]

Thomas' earliest known connection with Wyscan, albeit a distant one, comes in 919 A.S. when he records the eye-witness account of a magic-user known as the Maiden of the White Rose. The account tells of an equtian noble, Matéo, who in the late 9th century ventures into Wyscan and there angers a Treefather by threatening his young. [2]

Around the year 922 A.S., Thomas accompanies a party of equitan knights questing for Cadaron in Wyscan. The party is slayed and Thomas is taken captive. He eventually escapes, his tales of an imminent elven attack upon Equitaine prompting Matéo, now a duke, to launch a surprise counter-attack. Thomas lead the host into what turns out to be a trap [1].

Perhaps he was allowed to escape by the elves in order to draw Matéo into Wyscan and kill him for the crimes he committed decades ago.

Thomas the Bard as a narrator[edit | edit source]

Thomas appears extensively in the Sylvan Elves armybook, where he is used as a narrator to tell of the elves and their culture. Thomas is described as a human, venturing into the elven lands and being captured. Much later he recalls his memories to a scribe. In a real world context this would make Thomas a questionable source; although he is a first hand witness, his tale is written down by individuals who might have their own motives, his memories are decades old and his understanding of the elves is limited both by a language barrier and perhaps most problematic of all, that he was a prisoner and only shown what his captors intended him to see.

Sources[edit | edit source]

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