Hello dear readers!

The daemonic wordsmiths have been working hard lately on the wiki, writing all kinds of articles for the Daemon Legions and the Dark Gods. Each of the Seven Flowers of Chaos has gotten their article updated now with information about their daemons and their Circle of Hell, as well as an introduction poem and some neat pictures. The material about Hell has also been summized into its own aritcle, and an article about the man who probably knows the most about Hell, Nazario Calegari, has also been added. This means that the material of T9A: Circling the Abyss has pretty much been exhausted.

But that is not all! The tome that is T9A:FB Daemon Legions has also gotten a fair shake. An extensive article about Daemons, as a species, has been written, as well as an update to the Daemon Legions article, which focuses on the armies of daemons. Several specific kinds of daemons have also gotten their articles, such as the Harbinger, the Scourge and the Eidolons. Though the armies of the Dark Gods are vast, so many articles remain to be written here. If you feel up to it, please give it a try. You could also take a stab at writing about some specific daemon, such as The Gilded Giant or Tergon. The newly written aritcle for Cacophrax can be sued as a template.

Some smaller news is that a few geography articles have gotten a little bit of attention. The articles of Volsk and the White Mountains are updated, and Sky Mountains has gotten a brand new article.

That is all for now, next time will probably be about the other half of the Dark Gods, their Warriors. But perhaps also something else. Thanks for reading!

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