After a rather slow summer, work has picked up around the wiki again.

Since last time, the article about The 9th Scroll has been finished. I find it to be quite handy when looking for information or when trying to figure out in which issue you read something. The work on the Daemon Legions has also continued, this time the focus has been Akaan and his minions. We got new articles (with art!) for both his Maw and his Bloat Flies. Personally I really love the art for the Maw so I'm quite happy with that article. Next up on the Dark Gods focus is Cibaresh.

The work on the 9th Scroll article also got me interested in the fluff of the Orcs and Goblins. This lead to updates on their combined page but also on their individual articles about the species of Orcs and Goblins. I became really happy with the Orcs article. I think it is mostly because I became fascinated with the fluff on their births, broods and ageing process, mostly from issue 14. I had read that before but not until now did I really pay it enough attention to really understand it (I think). It also helped to recently have read "Thousand Nights: from the Caves of Western Augea to the city of Avras" by Sventaromsag from issue 10. That also yielded the article about the OnG festival known as the Feast of Zagjan, so don't miss that one.

Finally, the work on the articles for the species of Orcs and Goblins also got me to refurbish a few of the other articles about different Species. The articles for elves, ogres and vermin have been updated, and an article for dwarves have been written. All have been updated with art and history from the World Hymn, which makes them quite symmetrical. That I am really happy with. Also, I love the artwork for the vermin, they are all so cute, especially the little guy with the bell ^^

That is all for now, see ya around!

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