The 9th Wiki


Over the last couple of months I've been working on updating the articles about the world ages, from the First Age to the Eighth Age. I didn't find anything to add to the Ninth. All the other ages of been restructured and improved, with quite a lot of events added. Overall they should provide a much more comprehensive guide to the history of the world.

Since last time I've also worked a bit more on the Daemon Legions, but truthfully that was quite long ago. Never the less, Cibaresh, Kuulima and Sugulag have now all gotten their time in the limelight. Updated articles and new articles for their units. Now all that remains is Vanadra and Nukuja (and the many unaligned units plus lots of other stuff). Be sure to not miss the articles about Doctor Dalau and the fortress of Acsagrec, from one of my favourite parts of the DL book.

Next I'm planning to do some work on the different kinds of elves. Got a small head start with some articles about the Tree Spirits of the Sylvan Elves.

Until next time!