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"We are Warriors of the Dark Gods: there can be no pity, no rest, no love, for the prize is the glory of the immortal."

— from the Litany of the Exalted, originally the Diary of Duryodhana [1]

The Warriors of the Dark Gods are a faction within the 9th Age.

History[edit | edit source]

Magic Use[edit | edit source]

The following is a quote used to describe the magic use of the Warriors of the Dark Gods [2]:

"Among the Warriors of the Dark Gods, magic is wield ed by sorcerers, whose very name has become a by word for sinister spells. Many sorcerers are raised from birth by daemons, others are inducted into the secrets of the Veil by a patron daemon. Either way, their mind bends and reforms around the truths they are taught. What they lack in the finesse or innate understanding of other casters, is compensated by an access to raw power through the Veil itself. Such power is not without cost though, and sorcerers struggle to maintain the same morality as even their fellow Warriors."

Paths of Ascension[edit | edit source]

Main article: Paths of Ascension

Armies[edit | edit source]

Forming armies and warbands is for many Warriors of the Dark Gods a philosophical contradiction. these warriors are individuals who mostly seek glory for themselves, because glory advances them further on the Paths of Ascension. However, at the same time, failure is punished most harshly, and even death is considered a failure. Therefore the warriors often band together, to gain strength in numbers, even though this diminishes their own individual glory. [3] [4]

Units[edit | edit source]

Unit Category
Exalted Herald Characters
Chosen Lord Characters
Doomlord Characters
Sorcerer Characters
Barbarian Chief Characters
Feldrak Ancestor Characters
Warriors Core
Fallen Core
Barbarians Core
Warrior Knights Special
Warrior Chariot Special
Chosen Special
Chosen Knights Special
Chosen Chariot Special
Forsworn Special
Wretched One Special
Battleshrine Special
Barbarian Horsemen Special
Flayers Special
Warhounds Special
Chimera Special
Feldraks Special
Forsaken One Legendary Beasts
Marauding Giant Legendary Beasts
Feldrak Elder Legendary Beasts
Hellmaw Legendary Beasts

Sources[edit | edit source]

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