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"Let the fools think they are strong, and when the time comes show them their folly."

— Uncle Estivan the Warlock [1]

Witchcraft is one of the ten Paths of Magic. Like the other Souls and Spirits paths, Evocation and Shamanism, it focuses on influencing souls. [2]

Practitioners of the Path of Witchcraft are known as Witches and Warlocks.


Practitioners of Witchcraft are said to work using curses as well as magic. There are tales of them summoning fogs and leading men on wild goose chases. It is also said that those who meet the gaze of a witch or warlock feel as though every shame and secret they hold is revealed. [3]

Other sources say that Witchcraft is focused on learning the secrets of each and every thing, and thus gain power over it. It speaks of the way of the unblinking eye, able to drill into the soul and truly know the wretchedness that lurks within. Witches and warlocks learn from creatures of insight: cats, crows, ferrets and owls for example. [1]


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